COMODO System Cleaner Constant Crashing

I have installed the new version of this and it crashes constantly, withing a few seconds of the programme starting. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and if they are getting the same problem.


I am using windows XP service pack 3 and my system requirements are 1gig ram 2ghz cpu I am using NOD32 and pc tools firewall. I tried to reinstall the application but it still crashes constant.

I have attached the error log.

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I have windows XP Home service pack 3 and my system has 1.25gig ram 2.6ghz cpu on a laptop.
No problems for me.

Possibly features that may differ from your situation are :-
I use the portable version on a Flash drive L:
It is a clean set-up - fresh empty folders to which I unzipped the code, with no trace of the previous version.
I have absolutely no malware protection other than the full Comodo C.I.S. suite and this CSC runs without aggravation - you are using NOD32 and PC Tools which MAY (I do not know specifically) interfere with the installation of and execution of “dangerous” tools such as Registry Cleaners.

I had no crashes with the previous version, both the installed and the portable.

I still have installed, but no longer use, the previous installer version, but if the latest portable crashed I would :-
Disconnect from the Internet and disable malware protection as much as is convenient;
Use RevoUninstaller (or similar) to launch and observe the C.S.C. uninstaller, and supplement with a further registry search for any residual remnants it may find;
Then create a new empty folder and unzip the portable code into that;
Try that whilst protection is off;
enable protection and try again.
double check that all protection is fully enabled before reconnecting the Internet.

NB Some Portable Tools use the registry on a temporary basis. If C.S.C. is in this group it could be confused by an obsolete permanent registry key left by the earlier installation, hence my suggestion of RevoUninstaller etc. just in case.

Much of the above is probably not needful or relevant to this particular product or your situation,
but covers all the possible “GOTCHAs” I can think of.

Best of luck

I don’t know what hours the staff work but this issue has not been resolved for myself.


The staff do not necessarily monitor all forum topics. They will almost certainly pick up your problem if you post it in the bug report section here:

See this link:;msg338804#msg338804

Thank you very much by deleting the files from previouse version in my programses the application now works fantastic ;D