Comodo System Cleaner -2.1.114194.1- Problems

Windows XP Pro S/P 3, 32 bit
Avast Anti-Virus
Entered upon problem:
After running CCleaner, Advanced System Care, I ran Comodo S/C. It found another 208 files. Then I downloaded the “Help” file to read about “Wiper” feature. It stated that wiper would remove deleted files from my hard drive that I have perviously deleted, since Windows does not completely remove a deleted file, it marks it with a symbol. Well, BS…I ran Wiper and it took out my Windows, my music, my photos, my documents, and a lot of my programs, and Windows wouldnt even Boot up after it was done. I had to re-format my hard drive, re-install Windows and all of programs. My documents, music and photos are still on my hard drive, but they are damaged and cant be used or accessed. I used the Government type of over-writting, at 5 times…so all you great people, how do I recover my lost files from this…? I also ran the “Diagnostics” in the “Misc” menu and it say’s a vital file is missing, re-install the propgram, I did and nothing has changed, “Diagnostics” still say’s a vital file is missing…HELP…!!!

Hopefully, someone will be able to help you recover your files.

I can tell you that the “missing file” prompt is a bug in this version. There is no file missing. The diagnostics are in error. You just need to ignore that message. The devs tell us that error message will be fixed in the next release.

Thanks, but no one has come forward as yet. The files are still on my hard drive, but they’re un-useful and still occupy space. I dont wont to delete them now, never deleted them in the first place, but Comodo File Wiper grabbed them and wrote over them.

“files” that are wiped with this setting are lost, no chance in recovering them.

I don’t know exactly what you mean with “files are still on my drive” but this is how it works.

There is a file table much like an index of a book that knows all the files and it’s location(s).
And then there is the real file that takes a number of blocks on the disk.

If you “delete” a file in Windows it will only remove the pointer on the index that those locations(s) are occupied by file x,y,z. So the real file is still on disk. A wipe action will overwrite the real data on the disk.

Depending on the wipe used you can wipe files or empty space

So if you reinstalled the OS and all your applications big chance is that the original files are already also overwritten by the Windows and Program files.

It found another 208 files
more doesn't always mean better