COMODO System Cleaner 1.1.64941.33 has been released! [CLOSED]


If this;msg255820#msg255820 is what happens now please check if CIS or Avira is blocking these files:


If any of these files are blocked nothing will happen. Normally these files should not be blocked by anyone as they are COMODO signed. But, maybe the security is more tight on your system.

Please tell me if you find anything and also, let’s continue this discussion on BUG thread as developers look in there for such reports.



You might encounter problems when updating if you delete those. We’ll remove them from zip anyway, when everything is tested.

If checking for updates with the portable version, if an update is found, will it update the portable version or will it run the installer version?

In future versions, I would like to see the default directory for the CDC and CPC backup files placed in the same “backup” directory as CRC. I know I can change the path (and I have), it would be neater if it was the default setting (instead of the program directory).


Portable version is just a zip of what it is in the System Cleaner folder. Yes, when updating the installer will run.
What you want would be a separate build of CSC with separate update mechanism. To be frank with you, there aren’t many chances for this to be included in the future.

That’s totally fine, I was just curious. Maybe the portable version could just get a prompt of the new .zip version being available and maybe a link to the .zip file? Just knowing about a new version would be sufficient.

The reason I ask is that the Comodo site is still linking to v1.1.63928.28 as the latest release. Sometimes it takes a while for the latest releases to get updated on the website.


Will be there very soon. Usually we make sure that people that use CSC are updated as soon as possible.

Thank you for confirming. Like Grizzly I’m also totally fine with the current setup.

That’s nice. Dedicated users get the goodies first! I’m relatively new to Comodo products. I started using CIS when the first beta was available last fall. I had just started using CFP 3.0 and CAV 2.0 beta after reading various reviews. Right after I started using them, CIS came out. I had a few glitches with the first betas, but I’m very happy with the final release(s). I’ve even converted a few of my friends (I still can’t win over my brother - a dedicated Norton user). I was using TuneUp Utilities until I recently found out about CSC! CRC found so much more junk than TU, that I dumped TU and now am following the development of CSC! I’m glad to be a dedicated Comodo user!


Well… we are very happy to hear this!!! Thank you.

My MD5 hash dosen’t tally!!


i get md5 : 24c7e682a7b631e83fdc1420e6476e86


Downloaded on 14 March 3:30 GMT

Yes, the checsum is wrong.

MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (

Generated 3/14/2009 9:32:58 AM

24c7e682a7b631e83fdc1420e6476e86 *CSC_Setup_1.1.64941.33_2k_xp_vista_server2003_x32.exe