COMODO System Cleaner 1.1.62332.22 Beta - True Freeware Award


It seems someone moved real fast and tested CSC release of yesterday. I am not making any comment, just posting the information as it was received:

[b]Dear Developer,

We are pleased to inform you that your software COMODO System Cleaner 1.1.62332.22 Beta has been awarded by our editors. Please check the attachments and pick up your Award. Feel free to display the Award on your
website and use it to link to your page on our site.

Great job, we’re really impressed!

Asmanow Razvan., Editor In Chief, Freeware Downloads.[/b]

[attachment deleted by admin]

Then let me :slight_smile:

Congratulations to you and your team, for an award that acknowledges your hard work! :-TU

Thank you! (:LOV)

Yes this product is just fantastic except for a minor bug. Comodo is truly a piece of art. I recommend it to any one I can.

Thank you comodo!

Good work!! This app has seemed to develop so fast.

well, I can’t believe that guy seems to suggest that CSC is one of the more user friendly tune up programs… I really doubt that, or I have to be really really stupid…

Anyway, your program is good in what it does: trying to transform your system in a healthy, fast, clean and reliable system! though I think it needs more usability…

Ok, Congratulations! Keep up the great job you are doing for millions of users! :-TU :-TU

Thank you for feedback. You said we still have work to do… I am hear to listen so please tell me more.

I guess what I miss most of all, is a one-click clean button for temp/junk files and history etc. (basically everything you clean except the registry), like the one CCleaner has (“Run Cleaner”). Also, adding custom files/folder to clean (here’s the wish). These are probably the only two things that still makes me stick to CCleaner for every-day usage. :-La

Thank you. :a0

Congrats. :slight_smile:


(:CLP)I love COMODO!

Congrats to Andrei and the rest of his team :-TU