comodo switches to install mode without permission and notification

this happened to me twice in 2 days:
The popup comes up asking if I want to switch back to normal mode - and it comes up without me switching to install mode for days… I have no idea I’m in install mode when it pops up and asks if I want to switch back. Can this be caused by some malware?
(I’m running Vista Home Premium)
any idea what’s going on?

Did you recently install something? If you did when you got a D+ alert what did you select. Comodo cannot just go into install mode by itself. If your having any doubts then simply do a complete uninstall and reinstall of Comodo. Also maybe you didn’t install something but did you get a D+ alert for some program you use and my accident you selected “installer/updater”?

yes it may be the reason then, thanks… although I don’t know which program it may be since I installed quite a few things recently.
Where can I check of the list of programs that are treated as installer/updater?

Open up Comodo and go to D+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy. That is where you will find all your programs.

I have noticed that if you switch to install mode, restart your computer… It is still in install mode.

Yes you’re right kyle. I have noticed that also and maybe that’s what happened to daiquiri. He switched to install mode and forgot to switch back to normal mode when he turned off his computer.