Comodo Support

I have spent over 30 hours with comodo email/chat/phone support people. I have come to the conclusion that none of them seem to have any comprehension of the English language… I am giving up entirely on the items I was requesting support for since they are not worth a year of my time to get someone to fix.
The only thing that seems to be functional is the actual wildcard ssl certificate. (which did not require the help of comodo support thank god).

I sent an email in and a chat about the comodo vengine crashing my control panel and explorer. Control Panel was unable to load. Response was a link to a page that told me to go into control panel and add/remove programs to remove it… I’m sure that would have worked fine if I had ability to USE the control panel after the software install…
Thankfully I was able to get things to be functional by going into safemode and just deleting the dll files once I was able to locate them in safe modes explorer. Regedit removing all the vengine and comodo references had no effect.

I would highly advise posting that up for anyone that might be trying to get your 64 bit version (not sure if it affects 32bit version) of windows 7 back to normal functionality.

Well that is the end of my rant, I am sure it will be deleted by moderators but at least I got it off my chest.

Amazing that this is still here.

I am still receiving responses like Dear Customer,

Thank you for your application for a Payment Credential CVC. We are sure you understand that, for us to maintain the integrity of our SSL certificates and other products we need to be able to validate your right to display this Logo.

Please supply any of the following for validation of the right to accept credit cards:

If you maintain your own merchant facilities please supply:

A copy of documentation detailing your merchant facility activation, as supplied by your merchant acquirer bank.

If you use the services of a hosted payment gateway please supply:

Your full name and Id as provided to your payment gateway and a copy of documentation detailing your activation to use the payment gateway facilities.

If you no longer require your Payment Credential CVC please reply to this email.

Please fax any validation documentation to 866-831-5837 (U.S. and Canada) or 801-303-9291 (Worldwide). When faxing documents, please include the attached coversheet. Please be sure to include your name, order number, domain name, e-mail address, and phone number in either your fax or support ticket.

after sending copies of merchant account statements. screenshots of admin account. Telling them to click the trust mark on my page. I have sent them copies of my ID.

:frowning: >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( Please hire people that can speak and comprehend the English language to run your support.

This last response was after about 10 responses on that particular ticket sending them everything besides my social security and login/passwords to give them direct access to the accounts. (which I will not do)

Yes, official Comodo support people can be pretty lousy. Most of the time the forum members can help you solve things, though (except for SSL cert problems, though…).

Sadly I don’t think the forum people can help me with getting support people to validate things… The stuff configured on my site a.k.a. the ssl cert is the easy part…