Comodo Support screwed. [RESOLVED]

I’m trying to get support on an e-mail certificate since 31 march.
It was ordered with an EPKI form (we order them also for other employees), but with an incorrect CSP.
(We have the problem that we changed our USB tokens, and had to change the CSP, which caused unexpected problems…)
The support ticket was forwarded to the refund department, is it lost?
After some days (no response) I filled in a new ticket.
This one also was forwarded to the refund department, is it lost too??
Normally respons of support was very fast, but this time…

I don’t need a refund, I want to reorder!
But I can’t because there is already an email certificate “awaiting request” in the database. It prohibits a new order with the same e-mail name…

What oh what shall/can I do now???


I would suggest replying to the ticket again and asking for the issue to be escalated to the support manager.


I’m happy!
Problem solved!
Thanks to the technical support, they forwarded it again to the refund department, et voila, this time …