Comodo support (lack of)

I created a formal Comodo support request with tracking number XZR-729717. Two days later, instead of getting a proper response from Comodo, I received a response from some dweb at Geekbuddy, who not only didn’t answer my question but wanted me to allow him to wander around on my system. Fat chance of that happening! [roflol]

So I replied that a response to the question posed did not require access to my system and could you just answer the question or forward it to someone who could answer it.

I have yet to receive a return response from either real Comodo support or these apparently clueless Geekbuddy’s.


I don’t know what your question is, but I’m a “helper” in some forums, and I sometimes need to have an access to the member’s system because I need to see some things (softwares, parameters, etc.) in order to give a correct answer.