Comodo summary page [Resolved]

Hi I am using version 3.014.276 Every time I reboot the summary page pops up. I just have to click the x button to close it but it really irrates me. I have 2 other computers with comodo on them and it doesnt happen with them, I have windows firewall shut off. Only other secutity im using is avg free edition. I went to start up programs I thought maybe something extra was loading there but its not. How can I boot up without comodo popping up on my screen and still have it running at startup? Please help!!! Thanks


If you run regedit and go to \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, is the entry for CFP “D:\Program\Comodo\Firewall\cfp.exe” -s ?
If not, adding -s, -minimize or /background should solve the problem.


it was
“C:\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall\cfp.exe” -s

I tried -minimize -background and background nothing worked summary page still comes on after boot can you think of anything else I could try?

I solved the problem. I reformatted and works fine now.My configuration must have been ■■■■■■■ up.Thanks for your help Ragwing

Formatting Windows about once a month makes everything work fine. Glad you found a solution to the problem :wink:
I’ll close this now. PM me or another online moderator with a link to this topic if you need it opened again.