comodo suite and seamonkey

comodo suite (not sure if it is just firewall or?) comodo kills seamonkey 1.1.14 access to mail. specifically do not know about other servers. connection refused by server notice. could not find a seamonkey blocked in firewall listings.started deleting programs and retrying, 4th program deleted was comodo firewall. still no connection, 5th deleted was comodo suite, and bingo got on to server , could send and recieve mail fine. too bad. like seamonkey.

What is this seamoney program ? How did you delete the firewall part but not the rest of Comodo CIS and what else did you have installed from Comodo besides the firewall ?

Didn’t urnderstand you!


do not set it as a web browser in comodo.leave it as will get mail back.
also affects other programs.

Seamonkey is a browser/newsreader/email application suite from Mozilla.

You could also try setting Seamonkey as an Email Client in the firewall policies. That should allow Seamonkey access to most commonly used ports.