Comodo suddenly blocking JPG files? New Image Threat?

I am creating .JPG and .PNG files and today, I am getting “Access is denied.” when I try to launch them on cmd command shell. They worked fine yesterday.

Looking at properties, I have .jpg files open with “Picasa Photo Viewer”. When I double click them in windoz explorer, they still pop up in Picasa as before.

In the log file, *.jpg" files are classified as applications, flags=“sandboxed as” and target=blocked.

A JPG is a data file not a program or application. How can comodo not know the difference between programs and data? The filenames are made up on the fly. What is the easiest way to tell comodo to leave my JPGs alone. I need a FIREWALL to keep creepy things from the internet off of my system. Data files I create here can not possibly have any viruses.

There were 3 “binary updates” today all listed as “old build 4142” and “new build 4142” . Why would anybody update a program with the same version of the program 3 times in 1 day???

Is somebody at comodo issuing random updates?

How do you tell comodo to check stuff coming from the internet but to LEAVE ANYTHING I CREATE HERE ALONE?!

Hmmm… We see that you just created a JPG file, Brian. We have never seen this file before. We had better sandbox it just to be sure???