Comodo stuck on loop when trying to reset/empty the sandbox

Hi, I’m having an issue where I’m no longer able to use the “reset sandbox” function.
When i press the "reset sandbox button the spinning icon shows up but it will never finish. If i proceed to manually close that window comodo will keep using a lot of cpu power until i restart my computer.

But the issue does not end there. If i do what i just mentioned above, my computer will be stuck on the “shutting down” screen and I’m forced to manually cut the power by holding down the power button.

Manually deleting what´s inside \VTRoot\ seem to be the only way to clear the sandbox now…

Anyone heard of this problem?

Using on win 8.1

Hi and welcome InSandboxWeTrust,
I haven’t had this issue.
It might be worth updating to the latest version and see if the issue persists.
COMODO Internet Security is released!

Kind regards.

I updated but Comodo still refuses to empty/reset the sandbox. And it still keeps hogging the cpu if i press the X on top right to close the window.