Comodo Stops My Internet Connection

Hi…installed Comodo…ran fine for a few days then my internet connection dropped…went back and restored to operating system before Comodo install - internet worked fine again. Decided to reinstall Comodo again - this time my Avast antivirus wouldn’t work. Went back and restored old version operating system again…Avast was corrupted and had to reinstall. I am a beginner and don’t really understand much of what I searched for here. Can somebody tell me is comodo incompatible with Avast and does it terminate my network connection? Thanks for any help…MIchelle

Welcome to forum, knickgnat!

The CFP (Comodo Firewall Pro) is not incompatible with the Avast! Antivirus.

It reads please:
Understanding & Creating Network Control Rules properly


You don’t mention whether you did this so I thought I should mention that it is usually a good idea to temporarily disable other security software such as your antivirus whilst installing CFP.


Master N.T.T.W. thank you very much for remembering this.