Comodo Stops Internet Connection?

Hi all,

My name’s Aaron and I’m a new user of Comodo. I used to have this problem with my internet not connecting for long periods until it connects itself, then I have to switch on and off my router in order to enable a connection. I had installed some games before and uninstalled it because I thought that they were the cause. :stuck_out_tongue:

I reformatted and reinstalled Windows XP and the internet was ok… for awhile. The moment I installed Comodo, the same thing still happened again ???

I’m using Windows XP home edition, and my PC is connected to a LAN with another PC sharing the network. Only my PC currently has Comodo installed. Comodo previously has recognised my network and included it into the “My Network Zones”. I have also disabled Windows Firewall.

This happens all the time whenever I start my windows or reboot my PC and it is absolutely frustrating esp. when I need to use the internet for my work. >:(

Is there any suggestions to rectify this problem? I’ve heard so much of Comodo, but am stuck with this from giving my thumbs up for it… :cry:


Hi Aaron,welcome to the forums,

Can i ask how you are connecting to your router.Is it hard wired or are you on wireless?

Do you have anything in your Firewall logs especially relating to ports 67/68(view firewall events)
Is the other PC allways fine with connecting

FireWall->Advanced->Network Security Policy->Add->svchost.exe
Action: Allow
Protocol: UDP (select from the pull-down list)
Direction: In/Out
Description: DHCP rule
Source Address: any
Destination Address: single IP:
Source Port: port range: 67-68
Destination Port: port range: 67-68

Try adding this rule to your application rules->Firewall/Advanced/Network security policy