Comodo stopps Avast WebShield - PLEASE HELP TO FIND OUT WHY


I have big problem and cant not find out what exactly and why it occures.
Here the details.
I have brand new Laptop Toshiba, Windows 7 (64bit) installed.
With this laptop I was not online and didnt install anything else besides AVAST Antivirus and Comodo Firewall.
Ok, at first I installed Avast Pro 4.8, rebooted, everything OK. next step to install firewall. so I installed Comodo Firewall (actuall version from December), reboot … and noticed that the WebShield of Avast is not active. Of course de- and reinstall I tryed too but no success. Repair also. When I first deinstall Comodo and reboot, the Avast Webshield get active again.
Then I thought maybe it is because of Avast version. At this moment Avast 5 came out so I deciced to try this. So I deinstall old Avast 4.8 and Comodo and installed first Avast 5 Pro - after reboot the WebShield was running, every Avast component was running. Then I installed Comodo Firewall - after reboot the WebShield of Avast was disabled again ???
I tryed the same with Avast 5 Free but the result is the same.
I tryed also the reverse order - at first installing Comodo Firewall and then Avast, but the result is the same too :frowning:
As I said deinstalling Comodo activates the Avast Webshield again.

So after all thi I thing the issue occures because of Comodo. The problem should be in Comodo. I looked in the Comodo settings but I didnt find anything. All settings were at default, both Firewall and D+. I set Firewall and D+ to training mode but the WebShield doesnt get active :frowning:

I dont know what else I can do .

PS: I disabled in msconfig the whole Toshiba stuff starting on Windows Startup - without success.

Can comeone test it on his system - -Windows7 (64bit), Comdo Firewall and Avast 5 Free.

Please help !!!

Webshield works fine for me. Avast free 5.0.377. I’m running XP Pro though.

Can you post a screenshot of the Defense + logs (Defense + -->Common Tasks → View Defense + Events)?

oh I can not believe it, it was the ***** McFee >:( It was already installed on the laptop, but I though it was not active, because I already disabled it in Services and Msconfig.
So now I deinstalled McFee compleately and it looks like Comodo and Avast 5 were working well … so far.