Comodo stopping Windows Media Connect

Since installing comodo the Windows Media Connect service starts and then immediately stops. I try to restart it but it continues to stop. What would i need to do to get this started and to remain running. Thanks.


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If you are using any firewall other than Windows Firewall, you have to open the ports that WMC requires. The list of ports and protocols are as follows;

2869 TCP
10243 TCP
1900 UDP
10280 UDP
10281 UDP
10282 UDP
10283 UDP
10284 UDP

One of the most important ports mentioned above is 1900-UDP. This port is the one used for discovery of media devices.

In Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF), these rules need to be set up in the Network Monitor. They should be before any BLOCK rules you have.

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I made a tutorial for this also. Check it out,926.msg5693.html#msg5693

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Ok, now let me ask, why does comodo block the windows media service from starting. If i disable comodo, the service starts up fine.

Can you pls try the latest BETA at,1047.0.html to see if the problem persists?


sorry the service is still not starting. Also, the beta still has issues with avg email scanner.

I have identical problem with Windows Media Connect. The said ports (TCP 2869,10243 and UDP 1900,10280,10281,10282,10283,10284) are opened, moved above the Block rule, and the system rebooted. WMC still won’t start on boot. Attempting to start the service manually yield the error saying the service has started and stopped immediately.

Sorry, for questioning but you mentioned “any if you are using a modem, not a router”. What do I have to set when using a combined router device connecting the Internet?? Do I have to set a MAC filter in my router so that my device will be reognized by WMP 11?

Thanks a lot for your help.

KR M3duke

For combined modem/router units, follow the instructions for a router. The router will handle inter and intra comms with the modem on the outbound side. You only need to worry about the router.

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What does this mean exactly ?? ;-)) Do I have to open the required ports in the router???

m3duke ???