comodo stopping trend micro needed prog

each time I log on open Firefox comodo flags tmbmsrv.exe and other progs these are needed progs/

can anyone advise. Trend micro found and fixed a trogan but nothing new found.

How does Comodo flag these programs? I these are false positives.

When you are sure they are indeed NOD 32 files you can add them to the My Own Safe Files (Defense + → Common Tasks). This way you won’t be bothered again by them. To be sure this will work delete the entries for the NOD files in Defense + → Advanced → Computer Security Policy; this way you are sure you get the proper rules. Or you can add the NOD files from the AV dialogue to My Own Safe Files.

When you are sure they are NOD files would could you post these files as possible false positives using How to report False Positives/Suspicious Files & How to Submit them?

thanks Eric the notify is to allow/deny I keep allowing it keeps asking. Will try other items & get back

Eric forgot to add I’m a novice per firewall software

Push the more options link in the alert for more options. When you are sure they are NOD files you can set them as Trusted Application. That makes life easier.

To see if a file is what it seems you can click on the program’s name in the alert and it will launch the Properties screen of that file. Then you see where it is installed, publisher in case it is signed…etc.

when I turn on pc & it boots

cpf.exe(-after hitting allow in comodo for sffnup.exe parent sfctlcom.exe & tmbmsrv.exe) is blocked by trend micro

after hitting many allows everying is ok

I looked both programs in comodo are listed in comodo as allowed under applications.

both files look legit that comodo alerts


TM does need to use these progs

how do you list as trusted

I ran both destination urls both have problems

Hello I think that Eric made a mistake and thought you were talking about Nod32.
Please follow Erics above link and report these as false positives.

Also it is usually not reccomended to use more than 1 security program operating on the same level real time. - For example 2 fire walls\Avs can cause conflicts.


thanks I reported fp and added these to cis trusted but they keep alerting

When the pop-up appears again click ignore.

Hope this helps.

comodo only gives you an allow or deny I keep allowinhg it’s iggnored. I placed in trusted area still keeps alerting.

Are you referring to the AV or a defense+ alert?

sorry to be unfamilure with ter?