Comodo stopping me from using Texmod

Add texmod to the excluded application tab of AV exclusions. This should allow you to use texmod without issues.

I did that twice already. It still won’t work.

Can you export your config and add it to a compressed zip folder and attach? Also export the AV logs and save it as a .txt extension and attach.

Hi FreckledGriffin,
Please share exact steps and mods, seems there is some file that gets created temporarily and gets detected.


…You mean send you the actual mod files I use? Well I tried to do it here, but it failed it post it so I guess they’re too big to upload. I can send links to the mods though:

ME1 Improved Bun Textures at Mass Effect Nexus - Mods and community?

Umesh here is the file I was able to grab

I am also attaching a procmon log showing that texmod is creating the file but CIS does not detect it as such according to CIS JSON db of the tmp file which is also attached.

How I tested was with ME2 demo from steam and I added the me2launcher and me2.exe from the binary folder in addition to texmod to the AV excluded applications and that stopped the malware warnings.

Thanks a lot futuretech,
The file seems to be heavily detected, i have passed to team for false-positive review.

May you please provide sha-1 of me2launcher and me2.exe as well?


MassEffect2Launcher.exe 74cb11fa9e907f4c73aba8db813192dacd98b64d
MassEffect2.exe 74d86018404c6320d3319913108309f533601d1d

Thanks, seems these files are already safe in database.

Hi futuretech,
False-positive has been resolved in database v27653.

May you please try to run application without any exclusions?

In case any file is detected, please share VirusTotal link.


Looks good I am not getting any detection alerts thanks.

@FreckledGriffin can you please try?

Both games work with Texmod now! Thank you both for putting a lot of time and effort into finding out the problem and fixing this! :smiley: :-TU