COMODO still have lot's of compatibility issues & problems on windows 8

CIS premium latest free version has thousands of compatibility issues & bugs related with the microsoft windows 8 (32/64 bit ) operating systems platforms & don’t know why the developers & programmers of this well reputed security software company doesn’t release monthly program updates to comodo products to fix so important bugs & problems & errors of CIS premium free version & other comodo products related with the latest most stable operating system of microsoft windows 8 ( 32/64 bit ) , the virtual kiosk & sandbox of CIS has thousands of problems & crash issues & very very slow loading issues when used in windows 8 platforms , comodo detects the windows error reporting as intrusion attempt & blocks it , the antivirus component in CIS premium free version & comodo antivirus free version fails in the detection & realtime protection & specially proper & complete removal & cleanup & disinfection capabilities of a huge number of threats & malwares & advanced zero day threats & stubborn complex rootkits & bootkits & others on windows 8 ( 32/64 bit ) platforms & there are issues related with the comodo firewall too in terms of protection under windows 8 (32/64 bit ) platforms & there are several others bugs & issues & problems related to comodo security products under windows 8 (32/64 bit ) platforms , each & every other well renowned security software company releases monthly program updates to their product to make improvements in all issues & to resolve compatibility related problems with windows 8 based operating system & other software programs like web browsers & others , but it’s the biggest problem & fault with comodo over the years that they only release a program update yearly or after six months & the major bugs & compatibility issues remains unresolved & unfixed for so long times & it really affects the home users & the millions of general users of CIS premium & other comodo products a lot , so an huge amount of very urgent improvement & development is required on behalf of this from all the respected developers & programmers of comodo to solve the above mentioned both major & minor bugs & issues & problems related with CIS premium & all other popular comodo security products

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Please only reply to bug reports if you are trying to help them report the issue.

I will split this and move it to a different section of the forum. Also, I will note that, yes, there are a few more bugs with Windows 8 than with previous versions at the minute. Not many, but a few. There are certainly not thousands.

Also, some of what you described are not bugs, but just how the program is meant to work. For more information please read through the help files (found here).