Comodo stealth ports

hello everyone,
iam using the latest version of comodo firewall. the problem is comodo is not able to stealth the ports. all the ports are showing as closed. earlier comodo used to successfully stealth all the ports. i have tested on GRC SHEILDS UP. any suggestions as why this is happening? this is a security concern.
iam using windows XP SP3.
thank you.

I reverted all caps title to normal case. Eric

Have you checked it?

yes i have already clicked on (BLOCK INCOMING CONNECTIONS AND MAKE MY PC INVISIBLE TO ALL) several times. does not make any difference.
thank you.

Send screenshot with results of this test.


Are you behind a router? If so, you should check router ports first


Additionally i do a re-test with disabled comodo & router firewall and results are still same (i cleaned browser’s cache and reeboted pc) :o

iam not using any router. anyway can you tell me if there is a security risk if the ports are closed and not stealth?


good tool ! :-TU :wink:

thanks a lot