Comodo Status doesn't reflect real CIS status

I think the picture tells more than 1000 words. CIS is reporting like everything is in order, while any malware would walk past it without a single problem. This is pretty serious flaw since your security program can be just dead and user will think he’s protected.

That does seem a bit odd and disconcerting.


This is like it should be. System Status reports the state of the components required for CIS to function (cmdagent.exe, the drivers…), it’s up to you whatever you want to disable one or more of the protection modules (Defense+, Antivirus, Firewall). I do however think that the color for Disabled could be changed to red (like when virus database is out-of-date) , to draw the user’s attention, together with a change of the icon in the taskbar. Sometimes, you want to disable one of the modules, but later on, you forget to enable it again. Also, they are in fact active and running, just not enabled. :wink:

I am afraid if I remember correctly it is always been like this.
It only reports if there are problems with driver etc.
Not if you manual disable it yourself.
This has been requested in the Wishlist for the icon in the taskbar to change if you disable something.

Well, correct or not, it’s not a good practice. To make the example even more drastic i’ve disabled ALL features in CIS, yet there was still a green checkmark and text that everything is fine. But in such case, anything you’d execute, it would also freely infect the system to max extent.

If some feature is installed (AV, FW and D+ in this case), any of them being disabled (even if by user himself) should result in red icon in the status field and text that either AV, FW or D+ is disabled.
All you need are basically 3 dependances and defined icon state.
Like this:

Example #1 (disabled Antivirus and Defense+ part):
System Status ~ RED ICON
Antivirus security disabled!
Defense+ security disabled!

Example #2 (disabled Defense+ part):
System Status ~ RED ICON
Defense+ security disabled!

Example #3 (everything that is installed is also enabled):
System Status ~ GREEN ICON
All systems are active and running.
You do not need to perform any action at this time.

Example #4 (everything that is installed is also enabled, outdated signatures):
System Status ~ YELLOW ICON
Virus definitions are outdated.
Please update virus definitions blablabla

Basically all AV companies have such way of signaling status, just Comodo is using some weird way of doing that. Icons graphics are there, just some new text and change the way when red icon is displayed and voila. I’m really hoping this would be fixed for CIS 3.9…


This has been discussed in the Usability Study. We may see this with version 4. It becomes a wait and see at the moment.

I agree with this complaint. It’s way more than “usability”, it’s simply wrong.

The mission of CIS – the sole purpose for which it is installed – is to do provide “Internet Security”. A Status indicator should tell the user how well CIS is doing this mission – the only mission of the user.

It is beyond bizarre that Comodo’s most prominent indicator is about itself, not about the status of the user’s mission. What kind of “security” program can be totally disabled (per original screen shot) yet proclaim “All systems are active and running”. I know, this means CIS itself is active and running, but so what, if its security functions are doing nothing? !!! ?

Whether CIS has all its parts in order is good to know, but that should be just ONE of the checks that are made to determine Status. There is no possible justification for showing a green light when security is disabled. Whether CIS is itself running and A-OK is simply baseline. Unless CIS is NOT correctly installed/operating, it should say NOTHING – stop bragging about its own navel.

Turning off all three main protection areas, but still showing Status as green, would not be tolerated in another environment. Does your car not show Check Engine unless the engine is actually removed? Does an aircraft not sound a warning unless the wings break off? Why can’t CIS help the user achieve “Internet Security” rather than just confirm “no one has stolen my DLL”?

I think CIS’s current Status indicator behavior is like the old doctor joke: The operation went well, but the patient died.