COMODO start up problems

When ever I start up my computer I get this alert message from COMODO saying that [ out of memory ]

can anyone help me with this???



Can no one help me with this???


How much memory do you have? What other security products are you using? What version of Comodo are you using?

Can you post a screenshot of the error message?

Use alt-prntscrn to capture the image to your Windows clipboard, then open Paint (Start → All Programs, Accessories, Paint), cntl-v to paste the image, and then save the image as a JPG or GIF file. Then you can post that file here.

i doubt its Comodo, becuase CFP is very light on system resources. but a screen shot would help.

k i attached a screen shot of the problem…

I comes when i turn on my computer



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What version are you using? Have you tried doing a complete uninstall and reinstall? I use Revo Uninstaller in Advanced mode.

I’ve never seen that message box before. Most unusual.

Let’s dig a little bit, using the Windows Task manager.

The fast way to open the task manager, is to press ctl-alt-del. When it opens, select the Performance tab. The simple thing would be to post a screenshot. The numbers for the memory useage are in the bottom of the window, and how big the numbers are relative to each other is what might tell us about the memory problem.

The next is the task manager Processes tab. You can click on the Mem Usage column, and it will sort all the processes by how much memory each is using. First time you click is for ascending order, the second time is for descending order. Select the descending order (so the biggest usage is at the top of the screen). And take another screenshot, so we can see which processes are taking how much memory.

yes i have tried that but it still didn’t work!

k here is the screen shot

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There are 2 Comodo services. cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe. We need a screen shot of both. If you click on Image Name it will alphabetize them. Also what version are you using please? Did you completely remove all traces of Comodo before reinstalling? Did you read here for proper removal.

I see you’re using AVG internet security, running 2 firewalls at the same time will give clashes so : Try disabling it from automatic boot-up. Then restart, and see if this helps somehow.

I haven’t seen this before, so we need more information.

  1. Do you have any other security software
  2. How much memory do you have ?
  3. How have you tried to delete CFP before ?
  4. What version are you running now ?

If you answer these, I hope we can help you further


I have asked the same things experience and no answer from the poster.

I know Vettetech but as he didn’t answer them I ask them again, (in steps) so he/she knows that this is still important. :slight_smile:

Just give him some time, he will come back :).


I do have AVG 8 without firewall and I am using the latest version of COMODO firewal

288 MB of RAM and 1.19GHz

thanks for all your help :■■■■

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Out Of Memory can be a sign of a low priorty which a application once it is installed will automatically set it’s priority to low or below normal…

“right click cfp.exe and/or cmdagent, please list the priority it has…”
check your virtual memory to see if it is adnormal…

i request a screen shot of performance tab

That is a very low amount of memory. Most pc’s have atleast 1 gig or so. Where is the cmdagent.exe? There are 2 processes that Comodo uses. Also use Process Explorer to better find your problem. Are you using Comodo version Upgrading your ram by atleast 256 is very cheap.

does other applications say this also or just cfp?

I do see a big problem. I have used alot of different virus scans and never have I seen ram usage like AVG. All 4 processes add up to 30,452 K. Your first screen shot shows AVGRSX using 36,992 itself. AVG has gone downhill. Avast uses more processes, 6 to be exact and only uses about 20,000 K at the most. I use Kaspersky and from the screen shot its only using 19,560 K. What happens when you shut off AVG? Does Comodo perform better? Does the memory error go away? Try disabling all of the AVG processes or else uninstall it and see what happens.

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aagavin, are you sure that webshield is disabled ? When you destroy the auto-bootup from AVG and then restart, is CFP still giving the error ?


Yes I am sure the webshield is disabled because I did not download that feature!

also the pop up also come up when AVG is disabled, so AVG is not the problem

Is there anything else that I can do to solve this problem?