Comodo Start Scan - How to turn of this?!

Hey Comodo team, I laked Comodo a while, but since last update to the new version it going me on my head. You lost the line!

Auto Sandbox is configurable. Many Software can not be to set into white list!

But the most one that is not acceptable is your scan on startup of windows! How can is disable this shit? You know what happened??? The pc isn’t usable at the scan and there are no way to disable this initial scan?? Why do you scan my pc on startup?? I will only use the firewall and if it would work usable the sandbox also. Notice, and sorry, I will deinstall comodo if this one wont let me to configure the software how i like. Scans and doing somethings without my agreement is not acceptable! Do you think I will wait every restart? What are you doing? It was so long time OK, and whats that? Where do you think understand you short tags HIPS that don’t work at any time? Disable this initial scan! my … -.-


Hi Sail,
Comodo Internet Security components like to know the system is clean that it is installed on.
This is especially important for the paid versions of the software for Comodo to confidently guarantee the product, the core components for the free and paid versions is the same for both.
Security is not compromised or lessened in any way from using the free version, this should be accepted happily with open arms. (:HUG)
Just another security check available for both the free and paid versions, nothing sinister.

What is wrong with letting the initial quick scan complete and it should be gone forever? ???

Kind regards.

Are you looking for [url= computer memory after the computer starts[/url]?

Hi captainsticks, Initial scan for get hashes is ok, every time i restart my PC is not ok. That quick scan is not quick at anytime.

I want to use the firewall and if you fix all bugs also sandbox. I’m not interested in any scans of my system every restart. For virus scans and other I have my software, so where can i disable this scan? thats so simple! You have other interests in that scans I think…

The last version of you software was very good. There was also a sandbox that was going. Now, ok you want to renew your software, thats ok! but make a little attention about your efforts and you should know that more complexity also give more troubles! One time you stressed your user, they wont forgive you so fast. So take you efforts and give the user decision to use how it was a very long time.

I don’t want any scans from you software at any restart of my PC.
I don’t want to use your virus scanner engine.
Please fix that sandbox interface. There are light things that must have: I want to add and I want to delete decisions to use software in a sandbox(That isn’t working at any time!). That Interface at the sandbox environment is very irritable and I should understand it!

Simple things. Please consider and get that on your way to solve this problems.

Admin team, Please tell me if the developer team/you don’t have time to care about this.

Thank you

Can you check if Scan computer memory after the computer starts is enabled or disabled?

hello EricJH,

there isn’t a tab Antivirus. I Think that is because I disable Antivirus at other menu before? And this menu point that you asked for disable this after restart PC scan?(“Scan computer memory after the computer starts”) If I disable the antivirus engine so there isn’t all under Antivirus engine disabled? So there maybe a cascade disable till down would be nice!

so enable antivirus engine and disable this point to try it out?


Hi Sail,
Can you please check under ‘tasks’ in Comodo’s log viewer to see what if any scans are listed during system start.
If any are listed, check in the parameter column to see what type of scan.
View CIS Logs-Comodo Help
Tasks log-Comodo Help


hello Captainsticks,

i haven’t any logs at Tasks. Also Log at Antivirus tab is empty… ??

What does comodo at startscan??


I understand that you have only the firewall installed and that an AV task is running.

Try installing the AV and make sure Scan computer memory after the computer starts is disabled. Then uninstall the AV again. You can for that purpose cancel the updating of the AV that will happen right after installing. You can install the AV using Add and Remove Components option from the (un)installer. You can find the option in Windows start menu.

I hope that fixes it for you. Keep us posted.

Hi Sail,
Can you post a screenshot of this scan?
Not dismissing the advice above posted by Eric, but considering this appears to be persistent abnormal behaviour I would consider a clean re-install to see if that solves the issue.
Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems


Hi, there is nothing for sceenshot, thats your process that scan all. I remember cmdagent.exe to block all and scan everywere.

I Upgraded that last version with that offering to update window. Disable Virus scanner. Thats all.

I will try to reinstall comodo…
If i would know this I wouldn’t upgrade. All was ok… really.

I will tell you my efforts. Thank you for soon.