Comodo sporadically blocks all Internet traffic

I’ve had the Comodo firewall running for a couple of weeks now, and recently I’ve bumped into a connection problem. All connections are fine for a while, but at some point Comodo starts blocking all net activity, including the Opera browser and Thunderbird email programs. The only thing that helps is rebooting, shutting down and starting Comodo again doesn’t resolve the problem. After the reboot everything is fine again, until next time. This generally happens once or twice a day, but I haven’t been able to detect any pattern in this behaviour.

As far as I can see, after these failures the log says something like:
Description: Outbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, Protocol = IGMP)
Protocol: IGMP Outgoing
Source: My IP address
Destination: Another IP address
Reason: Netwrok Control Rule ID = 5

Network rule 5 is the Comodo’s default “Block IP In/Out rule”.
I’ve checked for possible svchost denials, but didn’t find any. I have increased the alert frequency to high in the hope I might find out which process is blocking the access, but so far nothing’s come up.
So, I am wondering what could be causing this and how can I fix it? I find especially odd the fact that this behaviour is not constant, but seems to appear rather sporadically.
Thanks in advance.

I am a bit concerned that there does not seem to be much in the way of response from Comodo. Too bad. Based on problems I am seeing (and NO responsed from COMOD) the problem is that Comodo doesn’t deal with DHCP. If I don’t set Comod to block all IP’s until it starts, when I first boot my machine I get an IP address et al via DHCP. When my lease expires, the protocol to renew my lease is blocked by comodo, hence I can no longer get out. The rule that fires fires because it is the default rule … if nothing else hits first, it fires. This is a bug because the default rules SHOULD allow any IP, UDP, or TCP/IP outbound traffic. They don’t like DHCP. THis makes this product useless for me as I travel. Going back to windows Firewall

Zone Alarm works fine, unless you have F-secure installed. Even the old free version of Sygate woks OK. Wouldn’t recommend the Windows firewall, though. especially the XP version., which doesn’t control outbound traffic at all. The Vista firewall does have an oubound filter, but it’s turned off by default and cannot be manually configured to stop malware from making connections. You’ll need some software like Vista Firewall Control to make it work.