Ok, so we’ve had the COMODO poem :). Are you ready for the COMODO Song? ;D.

Saw PSB at the o2 last friday and heard this song (see link below) which reminded me of … .


LOL that is a ok song for COMODO.
(some how i dont think “Im lossing my head, why not” is part of comodo aldo headakes may apply)

Must work on COMODO MOVIE!!!

Reminds me of…

The Comodo Monthly Insider newsletter, January, 2009|Volume 2|Issue 1

I thought this was the COMODO song? ;D

What someone did a COMODO movie before, post link please.


I checked its not on anywhere youtube, must get to work on my movie!

This is the one I chose a while back:

The link is in the image, to Comodo Internet Security 3.5 Review Part 1. :wink:

Thats a review not a movie lol