Comodo sometimes says it's running when it really isn't

sometimes even though I close all tabs and the program is closed and not running a message will pop up on the desktop saying that the program is running and won’t open even though I have closed all tabs and the program and I get forced to have to restart my computer in order for Comodo to close when it’s already closed. Any ideas on what I can do to eliminated having to always restart the computer should this keep on happening?

Hey Sal, Can you please rephrase with a few more details ?

Which Comodo product are you using?

I’m using the Comodo Ice Dragon Web Browser version

I will move this to the appropriate section of the forum so that your issue gets as much attention as possible.

Thank you.

I’ve seen this issue with Firefox as well. You don’t have to restart your computer. You just have to close the process. Use Windows task manager under the processes tab to end the open process. Usually just giving the program a minute to fully close before trying to run it again will do it. If not, use task manager.

How do I get to the Windows Task Manager to get to the processes tab?

Hi Sal Blandino,
Right click on Windows task-bar and select ‘Start Task Manager’

Please try clearing your browser data/history and see if the problem persists.

Thank you.