Comodo + Software HIPS

Hi! Sorry but I don’t speak English very well ::slight_smile:

A question for you: I want to install on my PC a software HIPS called SSM (System Safety Monitor) WITHOUT uninstall Comodo Firewall… Is it possible? Or maybe the two programs “don’t likes each other”? Can I run the programs togheter?

What’s your experience about software HIPS in general?

Thank you!



I know that some people are using SSM without difficulty, along with Comodo Firewall, so it certainly is possible.

At the same time, there is also always a possibility that you might experience a conflict that someone else does not. Each computer and software configuration is different.

My recommendation would be: Make a backup of your files, then try SSM and see if it all works. Once Comodo Firewall has HIPS (coming soon), you may not need SSM any longer. :wink:


Many thanks! :wink:

I did test SSM free for a couple of days and they played well together. No conflicts.

Yes, a friend is using SSM and Comodo Firewall, and it work just fine!