Comodo software changes DNS

I don’t know if this is a problem of CIS 6.3 or CD 29.
I updated both the softwares to the latest version and in the next few days I noticed a slow down on internet speed. I checked the DNS and I found Comodo DNS were active, even if I opted out and I set other DNS on both my router and my network setting.
Has anyone experienced the same? Does CIS or CD set Comodo DNS without asking during the update process?

In Comodo Dragon, have you disabled “Enable malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS)” which can be found in Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy?

Yes, I have it disabled.
The mess on my DNS happened after updating both CIS (from 6.2 to 6.3) and CD (from 28 to 29), so maybe one of the 2 softwares didn’t remember my settings.
I think it’s most likely CIS because it didn’t remember my antivirus scheduled scans too

Sorry, I just read it again and it seems I misunderstood the first time around.

I suppose it’s possible that an update set-up the Secure DNS but I haven’t seen anyone else with the same issue though, unless either installer was originally installed with the option enabled I don’t think the updates would set it up, but you never know.

To be clear, you’ve been able to change back to the DNS you want, right?

Yes, I had to manually change my DNS and after that everything was fine.
Besides, my internet speed is much higher now than with Comodo DNS