Comodo SmartHide

I started a thread ages ago and i remember melih u said u were thinking or working on a program that i suggested the program that i suggested was.

A program like wat Arovax SmartHide does

now it could be implemented in Comodo firewall or seperate.

Now i suggest this as Comodo would make it free as SmartHide is not free

We would have more protection and if it implemented in the firewall well Comodo firewall i think would be the only one with it

Comodo is currently developing a product like this, it is called TrustConnect :wink:


is there a beta version out or a page to show the feature or any screen shots to see the developmeny (R)

BTW any rough date or anything (V)

You can find information about TrustConnect here. Download is also possible. You’ll most likely get the thought that it’s for wireless, but it’s for wired too.

Hey all, sup:

I am presently using “Hide-my-IP” On trial basis. I love the concept and so far the software. Unfortunately, the speed of surfing the net is significantly slower… due to being re routed from the fake IP!
COMODO< what about a software program similar to this concept and not exclusively for ‘wireless’
A FREE software program for the home and home office PC’s. (B)
Any thoughts? (:KWL)

nice but sadly its mainly or only for wireless so no use for me :’(

Would Comodo develop one for the home user with just a router and not wireless

Trust Connect is not just for wireless!!!

It’s a VPN to a Comodo proxy - nothing is dependant upon you using a wireless connection, it’s just that it’s ideal for travellers to establish a secure connection when using hotspots. There’s nothing to prevent you you using it on a cabled connection.

Ewen :slight_smile: