Comodo slows down my trading platform


I installed COMODO about a week ago.

I am a trader and, my trading platform, which is connected to a data feed provider via Internet, has slowed down considerably. Particularly, the recall of indicators from within the program itself not out in the internet.

This is a task that normally takes 1 to 1.5 seconds, depending on the amount of data being processed, and now takes 45 -60 seconds. :frowning:

I followed the instructions to “Allow Applications” in Firewall Tasks but nothing changed.

How can I know whether this application is in the allowed list and what other steps can I take to remedy this inconvenience?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


What does the trading platform FAQ tell us about firewall settings?

I checked but see nothing related to firewall settings in the Trading Platform.

I would like to check whether I was successful to “allow the application” in “Firewall Tasks”. I followed the steps to allow but I can’t see it anywhere that shows the pathway.

Can it be checked?

To quickly see if the Firewall plays a role disable the Firewall for a little. Easiest way to go is to use the right click menu from the CIS icon in the systray.

You can see the rule you made in Advanced Settings → Firewall → Application Rules. Quickest way to see if the rule you made is causing a problem is changing the policy to Allowed Application.

When the above actions don’t change a thing I will move the focus to Behaviour Blocker. Does the program get sandboxed?

I have some familliarity with that. I’ve configured Worden Brothers TC2007 w/CIS But that’s not really a ‘trading platform’ but more of a charting tool. Moreover, I’ve configured Fidelity’s realtime ticker streaming app. TC2012 does all that as a Silverlight OOB client. The following is pretty much rote for getting apps to work with CIS:

Ensure that logging is enabled in CIS. Then check your logs things that are being blocked.

Also, it could be that you have ‘create rules for safe apps’ enabled. This creates allow rules for resource access requests. Everytime that happens CIS updates itself in the registry. That’s most likely where your latency is coming from.

I’ve found this invarably to be true with CIS: a hang is indicative of a coming CIS alert pop-up. Once approval and ‘remember this’ is ticked, the system will hang until the registry is updated. Woe be unto you if there are several alerts stacked in the queue. If there are no alerts then CIS is doing things behind the scenes.

Two things are fundamental to proper functiong of apps with high-level CIS protection: HIPS, i.e., resource access rights (process launching, memory access and files/fiolders) and the firewall. Network communication by the app with its own components are usually done via RPC and loopback, i.e., (or

You need to get sorted with CIS first the former, i.e., HIPS & sandboxing by using the app locally for all its inherent features and functionality. Once the security baseline of the client itself has been established w/ respect to the host, then nework access rights of the client can be established w/ respect of the host to the cloud, i.e, DNS lookup and IP address connection permissions. The latter is important w/ respect to specific IP protocols and on which ports are essential for the client to function.