Comodo Slowing Internet

Anyone know why Comodo would squeeze my download speed to 1800kb/s from 3000kb/s?

If you go to you can see the results.

Test your connection with Comodo turned on, then test it with Comodo turned off just using Windows Firewall. The difference is amazing and also disconcerting. I would hope any Comodo Group member would try to find out how to fix this in future releases.

Please reply and let me know if this is affecting other people.

Well it depends on your configuration. Assuming the default configuration,
CPF ON = 11071 kb/s 353 kb/s 71 ms New York, NY < 50 mi
CPF OFF =1454 kb/s 352 kb/s 83 ms New York, NY < 50 mi

Try to download a big file from the internet with 2 configurations and compare your results.

Tried it back and forth a few times and see no significant difference:
with firewall set to custom:
9/11/2006 3:06 AM GMT 10807 kb/s 353 kb/s 15 ms New York, NY ~ 200 mi
with firewall set to off:
9/11/2006 3:05 AM GMT 10976 kb/s 356 kb/s 17 ms New York, NY ~ 200 mi

With Comodo enabled:

Texas server = 4800 Kb/s

Washington server = 4000 Kb/s

With Comodo disabled:

Texas server = 4800 Kb/s

Washington server = 3200 Kb/s

Download speed was actually slightly better with Comodo enabled.

I’m sure these test results vary considerably depending on the time and day of week they are run.

Same happen here, now when I test downloading some stuff.

With CPF turned ON, average speed reduction is less than 2% testing downloading a 2MB file to Australia from servers in US, UK, NZ and The Netherlands. Of course this will vary with time of day at either end and server load, but 2% is WELL under my tolerance level.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hello bloodsugarwilksm

Try to use tune up utilities 2006, you can download the trial version, it has a feature that accelerate downloads and internet surfing, etc…

I hope this helps,