Comodo Slowing Downloads?

XP sp2
Comodo Internet Security
Wireless B/B connection 7000kbps nominal, probably 3500kbps reliable.

There are really two issues here.

Firstly, I have a puzzling problem. I have a large (500MB) file to download.The site allows me only four tries, then I have to reset. I only get three resets.

If I use DAP to accelerate downloads, it uses mirrors, and really speeds things up. It allows Resume, which could be nice if the DL stops for some reason (I have had trouble with the site before).

However, the site sees each mirror as a download. So I end up crashing the DL, having “used all my tries”

So I tried not using DAP, and found that the best speed I could get was about 40KBPS;…that’s a 3.5 hour download.

With DAP I am able to get up to 300KBPS. So it does not appear to be my connection.

I tried other sites to avoid using up my tries. Same sort of results, and always around the 40-50KBPS mark. Often enough that if figured something was slowing each stream in my system…

Web speeds tests showed maybe 50-55KBPS.

I uninstalled Comodo, and tried again. This time on several sites, I was able to get 120KBPS on a single, non DAP download.

Now I am pretty sure that simply Exiting from Comodo does not actually shut it down. But uninstalling of course does. That’s where I saw at least a doubling of speed per download stream (mirror)

My other question is. I have admin rights i Windows, but Comodo says I can’t stop it coming up at windows boot. What is happening there? Simply rebooting is a lot easier than uninstalling, then rebooting and reinstalling.

Any help appreciated.