Comodo Slowing Down Internet

I have a Comodo Version issue here, i have all 4 shield in Comodo main activated

and i have checked, there is nothing there marked to “block”, still the problem is…almost every website i visit goes really slow to load, it takes a decade to load the images, during the time the sites load its impossible to load Comodo by a coincedence…not, clearley beacuse its work in progress, cause when i later close Comodo down after finish proccesing, and refresh the site again, it goes on 2 sec to load the sites images all suddenley
so there is something here thath are blocking some important component, but there is no clue what it is

any ideas ?

Hi Kloppstock,

Are you sure that the site reload (after shutting down Comodo Firewall) doesn’t use the cache, and therefore goes faster? Also, have you noticed any difference to the site loading time before and after you installed Comodo Firewall?

There is one option that may slow the connection down; Security tab / Advanced tab / Advanced Attack Detection and Prevention / Miscellaneous tab / “Do packet checksum verification”. You haven’t ticked this option, have you?

Edit: Here’s a thread to look in for more info. :slight_smile:[/i]

Hi Kloppstock,
what security software are you running other than cpf(antivirus, spyware removers, an such)?

I’m having a similar problem. I’m positive that the problem has something to do with the firewall since it will load really slow, but if I select ‘Allow All’ it goes back to normal. I did my testing with Google Maps each time selecting a new area and zooming in so to make sure nothing was cached. I haven’t messed with any settings they are just the default ones from the installation. I’ll try to get around to see if I can pinpoint some specific options that are causing this slowdown if I have some time. Also cmdagent.exe takes up a lot of cpu time. I really like Comodo, much more than my old firewall, so I want to find a solution to the problem.

Edit: Messed around with the settings and turning off ‘Monitor DLL Injections’ seems to speed it up.

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Here’s a worthy thread to consider: Important - Please read before posting:

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