Comodo Slowing Down Hexcore pc

I am a great fan of comodo but lately it has been slowing down my pc boot times, loading times of programs etc, i have reinstalled but still no luck so have now uninstalled the virus killer element of comodo and installed Microsoft security essentials on in its place , now no slowdown at boot time and when loading programs.
so i was wondering is there anyway i can turn off parts of comodo antivirus to stop slowdown as i would prefer to have cis complete rather than MSE hope you can help
regards john

May be left overs of previously installed security programs are in the way. Try using removal tools for those programs. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

Otherwise do a Google search with terms “removal tool” and * name of product or vendor*.

Many thanks for you reply but was installed on a fresh install of windows 7 64 bit sp1 only ever had comodo on pc before i put Microsoft security essentials on so i do not think its other security programs it may be service pack 1 i think , but thanks for the reply
regards john

anther AV + comodo firewall is good combo.

Valentin N

I would like to run CFW & D+ with no AV installed coz Cloud has all the databases & it works fine & the little time when you are not connected to net autosandbox is there to protect. The system runs very smooth & lighter too.

But sad I cannot run CFW & D+ coz when cloud AV detects malwares there’s no way to quarantine the malwares in the absence of CAV (quarantine is greyed out).

I have posted this in the wishlist & threads few times & users also supported that there should be a quarantine feature for cloud AV alert in the absence of CAV.

Coz the Dev’s don’t reply to wishlist & did’t got any reply in the threads too regarding this I dont know if anything is being done towards this or they are going to give the quarantine feature or not.

If the feature will be there I will happily use only CFW & D+ with autosandbox & full database in cloud i.e cloud AV. No need for local AV. Smooth, lighter & faster system.


How much is the slowdown caused by the AV?

This could be worth a bug report. You can post it in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

thanks for you reply EricJH

boot time goes with comodo virus element installed 1m:40s
without comodo virus element installed 45s

plus cpu usage sometimes goes up to 28 to 30% when pc is ideal its weird
and my cpu is a 3.2 gig amd x6 phenom @ 3.8

regards john

I never tested boot times on my system (AMD Phenom II 925 (4 cores), 4 GB with Win 7 x86)) but adding almost one minute seems a bit out of character to me.

When the CPU usage goes up to 30% could it be the av is updating? Did you check that?

In the past I have used the Windows Vista performance monitor to good effect to hunt down elevated resource usage by cmdagent.exe. In that case cmdagent.exe was following Trusted Installer activty. See if you can find a process that elevates cmdagent.exe’s cpu usage with performance monitor.

What utility software do you have installed? Is Windows Defender disabled?

Thanks will try that
will install comodo antivirus again at weekend and try to see what process or processes are causing slowdown and then i will post reply , also windows defender is turned off. and no other adware software running in memory

Keep us posted.

I think i have found what the problem was i ran Process Monitor and Process Explorer and found a combination of Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant running and that process was hogging about 20% cpu and it was also accessing the hdd and that’s what was causing cmdagent.exe to run at elevated levels and there was also a other service running and was hogging CPU called microsoft silverlight.exe using about 6 to 7 % CPU , disabled both services now boot time 50 seconds so totally back to normal now and programs opening up straight away and comodo .exe running normal in background no lag like before, so it wasn’t comodo fault at all.
good old Microsoft :(:frowning: pc seems fine again :):):slight_smile:
but thanks for all your help
regards john

Congrats with fixing it. :slight_smile: