comodo slowdown youtube playbacks

Hi everybody,
Since I’m facing problems with comodo everyday, I’ve decided enjoy this forum hoping someone brings to me any fresh idea in order to either understand or solve what it’s going on behind the scenes.

Firstly I have to say that comodo has been reinstalled once when the cpu reached up to 100 % efter some problems involving firefox plugin-related (veetle). It was weird that comodo couldn’t handle a simple task. Even mcaffe, my ex, behaved better in this sense.
Today happens something similar: my playbacks on youtube (flash-based) has extremely slowdown and I suspect in comodo… And it’s the same firewall configuration, the same firewalled router, the same stable connection at 100 mb/s. I suspect in comodo because I keep an eye on the comodo icon and I clearly see how its analisys process turns on and keep working under the playbacks. Most of plugins and firefox itself are already trusted apps.

I reached the support guy but I felt guilty because he wouldn’t ever know what happend, so what’s wrong? (the chat is very helpful and I thank for that anyway O0).
I’m having the crazy impression that comodo changes my firewall policy discretionally. It sounds fishy, but I cannot figure out anything else.
Thanks in advance.

Hey and Welcome

I assume that you uninstalled your ex security suit. When you uninstall a program it happens that is leaves registry keys and other stuff. This can cause problems. I recommend you therefore to download CSC or any alike but if you intend to use CSC then I recommend the settings below before you clean the computer with CSC.

CSC —> Settings —> General. Here you mark all besides the last option.

CSC —> registry cleaner —> settings. Here you mark the second and the last option.

CSC —> privacy cleaer —> settings. Mark the second and the last option

CSC —> disk cleaner ----> settings. Mark the second and the last option.

Make sure that you have only one AV and one firewall active (you may need to disable Win firewall if you have it active).

Sometimes it help if you put firefox in the firewall and in Defense+

how to add an application in firewall and in Defense+

CIS —> Firewall —> Network Security Policy —> Add —> Select —> Browse…

CIS —> Defense+ —> Computer Security Policy —> Defense+ Rules —> Add —> Select —> Browse…

I hope this will help abit.


Those arrows merely indicate incoming and outgoing traffic. They aren’t indicating analysis of any kind.

If you feel Comodo is interfering with Flash, give a Flash based speed test a try. Such as:

If you still aren’t convinced, enable the Windows firewall and disable Comodo’s firewall. Any difference on YouTube?

I’ve run the firewall for years and have never seen a slowdown on YouTube.

i dont see comodo slowing down the internet connection. and i have settings enabled which “maybe could cause slow downs” (they are disabled by default normally). still no slow downs. even with dsl2000 there was all ok.

its sometimes strange, how different the experiences are.

you should have a look if the slow downs are in reallity high loads of the cpu. it can look then as if there were internet lags, but in fact its a processing lag which other applications get when the processor has no time.

I’ve tried some of these wise suggestions, thanks.

I have to say that it was the technician who installed comodo lately so I had not idea that my windows firewall settings and were ON so I suppose some conflict came up there. (Now I understand why windows 7 has asked me for comodo security certificate today)

Anyway, it’s not make sense to me the reason why I’m still having windows 7 warning concerning my firewall off-status. wouldn’t comodo manage that? I used to run bulldog, avg, bullgard, mcaffe and kaspersky, never ever had experienced something like that.


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start —> Kontrollpanelen —> System och säkerhet —> Kontrollera datorns status. klick på Säkerhet (jag använder Win7).


May be there are left overs from McAfee interfering. Try running the McAfee removal tool. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

With the current installer CIS does not switch off the Windows Firewall. The upcoming v5.1, currently running a mod preview, does.

The Action Center sometimes messes up and doesn’t properly register an installed security program. Try the Security Center reset. Does that do the trick for you?

Open a command prompt by clicking Start → Run. Type cmd and click OK.

In the command prompt window, type NET STOP WINMGMT /Y and press ENTER.


Type EXIT and press ENTER to close the window.

Restart the system. Windows should start normally, but you may be prompted to restart the system once more to complete the changes caused by resetting the core repository. You may also need to restart once more if Windows Security Center still does not detect your security product.

Hi Eric,
I run the Mcaffe removal stuff and it seemed something kept working. It was very fishy because I already did it in order to install test versions of avg and bullgard before I got comodo :o. I also run some windows register cleaner and I suppose it does a similar job, doesn’t it?
Well, I get up, youtube doesn’t work as I wish; even when videos are completely loaded, something stop them… Much better if you refresh the page, though.

And I have to say comodo has crashed today once, pretty nice, umm? Some pics are attached here. ;D

Anyway, thanks guys…

Are you running AVG together with CIS? Then unistall AVG as there are known compatibility issues between the two of them. When you have had it installed in the past run the AVG removal tool.

Are you running Bullguard at the same time with CIS? Then try disabling the CIS AV and see if that helps or not. When that doesn’t help uninstall Bullguard,re boot and run the Bullguard removal tool, and see if that elps.

When you have had Bullguard installed in the past please run the Bullguard removal tool to make sure all traces are gone.

Hi Eric,
Of course not, I meant I run and tested those antivirus before I installed comodo. All them have been removed from my PC.

Did you run the removal tools? If not, please do. This is just to be sure that no left overs are playing a role.

How much is the cpu load by cmdagent.exe on average when running a Flash movie?

Can you see what happens with the cpu load when you try the following:

  • disable the Firewall temporarily
  • disable D+ by moving down the slider in Defense + settings → General Settings to disabled
    [li]disable D+ permanently (requires a reboot); this can be done under Defense + Settings → General Settings.

hi everybody, this could explain youtube behavior:

I bought a new monitor that has a dvi input. I was a bit skeptic since I’ve used HDMI for the last 3 years… well, I knew both were digital but for me HMDI sounded a most confidence choice.
I’ve tested youtube playbacks and they’re working fine, even at 19200x1080 videos are shown smooth and internet itself is working very fast. I’ve also played some games (the monitor arrived today) and they worked just fine, the system didn’t hook at all (well, sometimes, but that problem doesn’t concern comodo).
Now in my spare time I will test every possible variant to determinate the root O0 of the problem: RAM memory, HMDI cable, monitor, graphic card…
I’d like thank you guys for help me when I needed it! Thank you Valentin and Eric :-TU.

However I have some questions left…

  1. Why can’t follow the comodo “support forum link” by clicking on the comodos—>more interface?
  2. Why spotify is still recognize as virus or spyware?
  3. Do I really need to keep “comodo livepc support” on my computer? Starting up on my laptops is always slow…
  4. What really happens when somebody submit a suspect file? How is someone gonna know that his file is longer or not a thread so he can put it back and use it?
    Thank you very much

Hey! :slight_smile:

1. Why can't follow the comodo "support forum link" by clicking on the comodos--->more interface?
It can be a bug.
2. Why spotify is still recognize as virus or spyware?
The FP is not fixed. Press ignore when this shows up again. I also recommend you to add it in exclusions in AV and in defense+ rules. This is how you do it.
3. Do I really need to keep "comodo livepc support" on my computer? Starting up on my laptops is always slow....
It depends if you want it.Så kär du om du vill avinstallera det. Öppna kontrollpanel ---> avinstallera ett program under Program ---> sök efter CIS och tryck på den en gång ---> ändra. Behålla allt markerat förutom LiveSupport. Så gör du när du vill behålla det men inaktiv. Skriv msconfig. Där söker du efter LiveSupport. (I wanted to explain the different producer in the mother-language, sorry)
4. What really happens when somebody submit a suspect file? How is someone gonna know that his file is longer or not a thread so he can put it back and use it?
It will be scanned and if a file is unsafe it will be added in comodo's database. FP will also be fixed during updates.

Valentin N

  1. Does this only happen with CIS? What happens when you click on a link in another program?
  2. You can uninstall it or disable it from starting with Windows. It is installed so you can try it.