Comodo , slow shutdown when installed on acer laptops/pc

hi there

i have installed Comodo on many pcs and laptops and it works fine, i have installed it on 2 acer laptops and 1 acer pc , once installed shutdown take at least another 2 mins to shutdown, is anybody else experiencing the same thing , many thanks

Have you checked Defence+ logs the only time I had problems slow boot/shutdown with a Acer comp. was when a application was trying to access memory in CPF3.

if that is the could be the cause of the problem how can i correct it, many thanks :slight_smile:

Have checked the Defence+ logs?
If you find something trying access the memory of CPF3 you go to Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy/ Entry for CPF click Edit /Protection Settings/Modify (Interprocess Memory Accesses) and add it there.