COMODO slow down Thunderbird too much


While using Thunderbird, COMODO scans something for several seconds every time I do an action like delete an email.
Waiting is very boring to me.

Does COMODO really have to scan so often?
Can I change it?

Can you try adding the archive file(s) used by Tbird to the AV Exclusions?

oh didn’t see you answered …

Is that some security risk?

No problem here. Windows 8.1 and CIS 8. T’bird 31 is running fully virtualised in the sandbox too. No performance issues at all.

That’s not a security risk. CIS will catch the virus when you try to execute it. If it is stored in an archive, like from your email program, it’s not active and not a danger.

OK, but what exactly shall I enter?

C:*\Thunderbird\Profiles*\Mail*\Inbox ?
C:*\Thunderbird\Profiles*\Mail*\Trash ?

Can COMODO handle such paths?
Will that work?

I am not intimately familiar with CIS handling wild cards but I think the above will work. Just thinking out loud may also work C:*\Thunderbird\Profiles*\Mail**

so does *\Thunderbird\Profiles*\Mail**