Comodo Slogans - Help us come up with Comodo slogan's that rhyme please!

here are some suggested ones

  1. No Dough ($) Use Comodo
  2. Don’t be a dodo use Comodo
  3. ComoDoes
  4. Way to go! Comodo!
  5. OH NO! Gotta get Comodo!
  6. Things just flow with Comodo
  7. Now you know! Comodo!
    8 ) got no Dough, go with Comodo!
    9)dont be cow, use comodo now
  8. CoModorator (just for our super Mods!!!) :slight_smile:
  9. Comodo, you will never be on your own!
  10. Don’t surf solo, use Comodo
  11. Hey Moe… Use Comodo!!!
  12. There is no woe if you use Comodo
  13. Hey Bro, use Comodo !
  14. free for all Comodo beats them all

etc etc.

We are looking for rhyming slogans and your help is greatly appreciated!


Way to go! Comodo!

Long Live The Dragon. Comodo Firewall Pro.

With the click of a mouse Comodo can stop viruses dead. With the flick of a tongue a Comodo Dragon can poison you.

Comodo is as fast as a dragon.

OH NO! Gotta get Comodo!

Things just flow with Comodo.

Now you know! Comodo!

Opps sorry mine don’t rhyme. LOL. Good going panic.

uh, I cant rhyme even in my native language, but will try:

dont be cow,
use comodo now

But then all the obsess people in the world will think Comodo is only for skinny people. LOL.

then maybe Comodo anti-skinny:

who yet cares for Barbie,
comodo is maybe fat, not ugly!

nah…very bad :THNK

I am rubber, you are glue,
Comodo is here for you!

Better? :BNC, NO, disaster :-TD

I am trojan, you don’t have a clue?
Comodo is here for you!

MY Vote: Now you know! Comodo!

Hey Bro, use Comodo !

And for the fun :

Oh no, it’s Ganda from Comodo :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Red.

Hey Moe… Use Comodo!!!

Hey my big toe is growing for COMODO…

Hey there is snow falling on COMODO…

I am great at poems… lol Watch this space :slight_smile:


Those in the know,“allways” rely on Comodo!

Malware making your computer slow!make it safe and secure,use Comodo.

Comodo keeps malware at bay,why not give it a try today?

There is no woe if you use Comodo.

Don’t surf solo, use Comodo.

Guess I had an old one with an alternate name, a logo and few acronyms.

[abbr=Comodo Free Protection]CFP[/abbr] it’s Comodo’s treat against threats ;D

Just change CFP to Here you go!

free for all

     comodo beats them all