Comodo Site Inspector - Exploit Sites "Clean"?

Wasn’t quite sure where to post this, but I’ve recently tried out Comodo Site Inspector ( ) and it’s listing several major red sites as clean. ???
Take for example this url, reported as red on myWOT:

You can also run it on Wepawet:

And Google’s StopBadaware blocks it. I think CSI needs some major help, particularly in identifying exploits and checking other databases for validity in it’s “cleanliness” check. :P0l

Hi Gaming4JC,

First that was already reported that Comodo Inspector may report bad sites as clean… but that could be either wrong analysis or the opposite thing may happen - it can report the good site as “red”, which would be just FP and nothing you can do with that.

But another point is - you cannot compare Comodo Inspector and “inspectors” like WOT.
The later and alike are based on community ratings and not more than that

The idea of Comodo Inspector is analyzing the code of a page for malicious content as far as I understand - that is different
So if you want some comparison try to check the same sites with , say Dr Web link checker / Finjan/ etc. Those are analyzing the code as well

My regards