COMODO Site in Russian

All of Russia will be happy if COMODO translate your website intro Russian. Will it?

Greetings, you can translate the site if you want

Steps for Translating Comodo Internet Security Related Web Pages:

  1. Download
  2. Translate all HTML files present within it. Just change the display text please. Use tool of your choice.
  3. Please make sure, we do not change any:
    a) Hyperlinks
    b) Name of any image
    c) Any style-sheet
    d) image
  4. Please upload translation back and we will incorporate into site.


Website translation into Russian has already begun. Soon it will be completed.
Can I edit the caption on the images?

If so, I’m unaware of it.


Website translation into Russian has been completed.
All HTML files are transferred.

When you can see the site in Russian?

May be translated into Russian Interface Forum and the rest of the website.

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