Comodo Silent Install?

Is there a silent install version I can use in our office to protect all of our PCs?

If so can someone point me to a link? Intalling it on 84 computers is just a pain in the ■■■■ :slight_smile:

EDIT : the silent installer has been updated.
Read the change-log and use the link(s)
posted further down in this topic .

Somebody seems to have beaten Comodo on this one :
No guarantees, I haven’t tested it yet, but maybe you can get some ideas on how to do it ?

Now that’s right fantastic! Thanks much

It seems people have problems with this if C: is not the systemdrive .
that’s because the reg-file is pointing to C so you may need to edit that file
so it points to the right drive …

Not a problem. Because so many programs are coded with “C” being the system default (instead
of %systemroot%) it’s just about daft to create a windows install that doesn’t default to C:.

Very good (:CLP)

hmm, the daft thing is that programs just assume C: is the systemdrive IMO .


Comodo Firewall v2.4.18.184 - Silent Install Edition Rev01 by eXPerience ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

This is a fixed version of the previous release!


  • Added registry tweaks to allow BitTorrent and eMule.

  • Removed VMware Ethernet Adapter from registry tweaks (oops, sorry!)

  • Added support for installation on random WINDOWS drive (for example,
    if WINDOWS is on your M:\ drive then you will have Comodo’s registry
    settings pointing to your M:\ drive, its not limited to just a C:
    drive only like the first release)

Oh I do agree, however without the power to control all the obviously faulty programmers worldwide one would have to conform or face the associated problems.