comodo shutting down

my firewall have been working good ,now every time i strt up my machine the comodo starts but after 25 sec i shuts down say bug !!! it doest not tell me how i can improve/solve the problem i have instaled a new super blocker ! maybe it was that one have shut it down to see it was that one “nope” then outlook nope can someone help plz

Is there a corresponding Windows Event Log entry with CPF’s shutdown? Can you remember what CPF is actually saying or could you take a screenshot of the error?

I’ve not used Super Blocker. But, sometimes disabling a program does not always unload its drivers and/or stop its services. And driver & services are exactly where a conflict is most likely to happen.

thats like a hicjack log yes wich one do you want
CPF caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
in module SABSEHB.DLL at 001b:017b144b.

Exception handler called in AfxMain.cpp.
Error occurred at 9/25/2006 22:20:30.
C:\Programmer\Comodo\Personal Firewall\CPF.exe, run by Thomas Bach.
Operating system: Windows XP (5.1.2600).
1 processor(s), type 586.
46% memory in use.
1024 MBytes physical memory.
549 MBytes physical memory free.
2461 MBytes paging file.
1762 MBytes paging file free.

OK… SABSEHB.DLL is a Super Ad Blocker DLL that performs a ShellExecuteHook. Is this what you meant by “super blocker”?

Woah!! I’m finding references on Google that is Spyware you have there.

Super Ad Blocker ShellExecuteHook used to detect spyware/adware applications as they start. i tried to do as i did whit avg but no luck it closes down “fck” hmmm how do i fix it

It looks like a conflict between Comodo and Super Blocker. You may try ensuring Comodo “Component Monitoring” is in “Learning Mode” and if that still doesn’t work, try adding Super Blocker as a “Trusted App” in Comodo’s “Application Monitor” list.

Actually, if you have time before Comodo shuts down, check the “Component Monitoring” list and make sure SABSEHB.DLL is not being blocked

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