Comodo shows more unrecognized files than the number in the main window

Sometimes when I review “unrecognized” files, I find hundreds or maybe thousands of them in the list, but in the main window Comodo shows more reasonable number like tens maybe. In the list I see thousands of unrecognized files located in what I think is my Windows folders and looks like Comodo for some reason starts treating all Windows files as unrecognized, there are thousands of them in the list. I’ve already reviewed all options that may affect this, I see these “unrecognized files” that I find in the list are signed by Microsoft and I think that Comodo should trust such things, I saw that in the options. Of course I can’t mark them all as recognized, so I just restart my PC and then Comodo starts showing actual list of unrecognized files, just tens of files.
Also in the unrecognized files list I sometimes find Comodo’s files, it’s so weird…

Can anybody tell me what kind of behaviour is all this?

This was a visual bug only, which was fixed with the version 11 releases from What version are you running?

I don’t know. Where can I see this information?
And what do you mean “visual bug”?

Click the Question Mark at the top right of CIS and choose About

Visual bug means what it shows is purely visual and doesn’t reflect the actual situation

The version is
And I still don’t understand, what exactly is displayed wrong, the number in the main window or thousands of files periodically appearing and disappearing in the “unrecognized” list?

What is your OS?
Do you have CIS installed or just the Firewall?
Are you running any other security application?
Did you upgrade from a previous version or do a clean install?

But do these answers help in any way considering that I’m not going to do anything with any other application installed on my computer, only with Comodo, so I can only tell you that Comodo updates when it wants I think and it even shows sometimes a message that updates are ready to be installed or like that, and according to my previous discussion on another topic, I think I have also Comodo antivirus and probably all other stuff installed, not just firewall :slight_smile:

Yes they would help, otherwise any potential help or advice is given ‘blind’

It ‘appears’ that you have upgraded from a previous version (unknown) and I would suggest with what you are experiencing. that you do a clean install, by using the Comodo uninstall application and then clean install the latest version

There may also be a conflict with other security applications, also unknown, but I would try the clean install first: