Comodo showing around 235 issues mainly CAV related from Temp folder?

If you read the first post and dave11 linked post this is about CAV Temp files not FP ie:- this should be in antivirus help.

There should not be any Comodo temp files left after the antivirus update.

That is why Jacob suggest a reinstall which hopefully will fix this.


Moved to antivirus help

Yes those TEMP files must not have been presented. It happens only when another AV is installed and preventing CAV to clean those files.


I found this post but I still don’t no how to avoid the CAV tmp files (a lot of them) stored (not allways) in the Windows (XP) temp folder.

Everything is slowing down when there are many, many CAV tmp files in that folder. The only thing to get free from them is to reboot and start up in save mode and delete them manually.

Three questions:
What is the cause of all these tmp files?
With a usal scan there are no CAV tmp files in that folder, so why/when does this happen?
What can I do to avoid this?

I use version 5.0.163652.1142 of Comodo with virusdatabase 7327

Thanks for your reactions.

Best regards

Can you please letme know whcih products you have installed in your PC?

Hello egemen,

did you mean the products of Comodo? So, the Comodo Internet Security Premium.

I noticed that it happens when I scan manually a large video file, so far…

Thank you for your reply!

Best regards

No i meant other products than COMODO. But if you can reproduce it frequently, can you let us know about that video file?

Other products for security, Spyware blaster and Spyware terminator.
For the rest only legal products like OpenOffice and some Adobe products.

But what is weird, when I access an avi file it happens. I tried to delete an avi file and the computer freezes with an hourglass.

After a (long) time it slowly comes to live but each action takes a long time.
In the temp folder there are now 10 CAV files


It was not possible to delete the CAV files (access denied) so reboot in save mode and delete all files.

Started again and stopped the Comodo Anti Virus and no problem to open an avi file.

The files are clean, I checked them on another computer and Norman Antivirus.

Another Update:

I get crazy 88)

Yesterday I did an update for Javascript and after I had done that is was over… I could select any avi file and open, delete it or what else, no more hanging and no more CAV files in the temp folder.

BUT today it is all the same… selecting an avi file and my computer freezes.
In the temp folder a lot of CAV files, also ~DFA***.tmp, FIL***.tmp and REG***.tmp files. No way to delete them and my computer is very slow.

Please advise me, thanks




Yes. QA is working on it and they will contact with you when they are done wiht the updates.

Egemen, thank you!



a few days the problem with the CAV files and freezing is over since the Comodo update to 5.3.175888.1227
Oké, great and thanks!

But now there is trouble with scanning my computer.
Scanning with right mouse click on every drive (partition) one with 5,4GB files and one with 41,2GB takes about 30 minutes but scanning with the Comodo interface it slows down when scanning the folder Windows/Help and after 3.5 hours it was only on the first partition and I stopped it.

In a Dutch post on this forum there was also this problem and it seems Spyware Terminator caused this problem.

After enabling (sorry must be disable) Spyware Terminator the computerscan took about 28 minutes. Enabling (sorry must be Disable) only HIPS in Spyware Terminator is not enough, the scan also slows down in de Windows/Help folder.

So far this update.