Comodo showing around 235 issues mainly CAV related from Temp folder?

Hi all,

Fairly new user here, just wondering what these CAV files may be? Comodo has quarantined over 235 files from the temp folder? (Edit now at 427 C:\Windows\Temp\CAV****.tmp files named as HeurPacked.Unknown@-1)

Hi sastusbulbas,

If you can find the FP file,you can submit through this link:Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year we can go to have a look at it.

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Sorry but a bit of a newb, the FP file?

Hi sastusbulbas ,
FP = False-Positive which detected by CIS but just nomal applications.
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Well no box popped up showing any virus, just the threats detected went up and up and these appeared in quarantine, looking in the temp files folder showed nothing, it seems the above info is all I have. I had these pop up on another PC when I ran a Hitman Pro Scan and was told it was probably a clash with Comodo as Comodo=Cav but why would Comodo find its own file an issue?

Hi sastusbulbas ,
You can submit the file through this link:Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year we can go to have a look at it.
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I cannot find the file to submit, it only shows in my quarantine, and the “how to” which is meant to pop up in the link above is blocked by the grey bar to the right with the Comodo Authenticate and Secure logo at the bottom right corner.

Edit, I have deleted every other piece of AV suite which was installed on this PC, ran CCleaner and ran a scan and nothing has popped up since 11.41pm?

i am encountering the same problem since past month i posted it here in detail
my computer freezes while cleaning them, programs like spywbot seek and destroy etc also takes ages to clean tmp files and above all my internet has started disconnecting often since i have encountered these tmp files. how to get rid of these files as ccleaner takes hrs to clean them and if i use ccleaner again after cleaning them these files are again there
so how to get rid of this thing permanently ???

Learn to fucking read a post ok and stop being ignorant (laugh if I’ll get a ban).

This guy/girl clearly asked what the CAV thing was (is it Comodo Anti Virus?). Then you tell this person to submit a fucking file he/she later claims not to be able to find and you do it again. Holy fuck…

Please review the Forum Policy cocopara.

no reply … >:(
i have scanned my system with so many paid and freeware spywares and antiviruses they dont find anything , they just freeze over this cav.tmp thing
yesterday ccleaner took 2 hrs.
and i dont care how much time it takes to clean it but my internet connection gets disconnected often when these files are encountered , so just tell me one thing - ARE THESE files generated by comodo antivirus or firewall or what ???
and if these files are generated by comodo antivirus then i think you people dont have any idea what you are making.
i used to recommend comodo to others but if these things r generated by comodo itself then i think this is a big issue
just kindly tell me if these are generated by comodo av so that i can switch to some good av which doesn’t detects its own files as malware

Hello Dave I’m sorry that you are having trouble with this caves tmp file.

Can you please try to uninstall cis and then boot in safe mode and then go command prompt and type in the following commands
Del /f /s /q %temp%
Also type in cleanmgr and clean the temp files

Once completed go to the location where the cave tmp files
And make sure that they are gone
Restart your machine, and then reinstall cis once it says a restart is required open up cis by the shortcut on the desktop and go to
Cis - antivirus - antivirus settings - set the heuristics to off
Hit ok
And then go ahead and restart

Please reply if your having trouble uninstalling cis

Hope this helps


thxx for reply jacob i’ll do that right now and get back too you… :-La

okie done that jake and no more cav.tmp files there checked that and turned off the heuristic scanner off
now updating comodo antivirus again, i hope that problem doesnt pops up again
thx again :-TU

Your most welcome;
After a while (a couple days) I would set the heuristics back on to low (If you wish)
If not, your installation of CAV would only look for the 6772544 Signature it has in the database


thx for help jake i would do that :-TU

Your Welcome;

Greetings all,

1st, cocopara - take it easy … your anger and several posts here in the forum do not help at all

======= For other new Guys , who asked questions:

You do not need to uninstall Comodo’s AV or any AV because of False Positives (FP) detections
(I have no idea why Jacob suggested that 88)

Since the question was asked what are FPs – those are errors in detections on behalf of AV
Any AV do produce them from time to time (many reasons… wrong signatures ; wrong heuristic algorithm …etc.)

False = wrong detection ; Positive = AV tried its best in order to protect

Then, the temporary files are kinda special.

Those can be created during some installations or during the work of any specific Application & those can be removed by the Application as soon as the work was done.

That is why you may be alerted … but the may not find “the temps” when you wanna submit them

Few other other points:

Since you mentioned quarantine - Do not ever use auto-quarantine and/or auto-delete. Set your AV to “Notify only” and then investigate.
The said options are dangerous. You may damage your system and loose it because of FPs (sometimes that’s unrecoverable),… including the fact that Comodo’s AV has enormous (!) amount of FPs. I hope you understand what I am talking about.

If you are performing on-demand scan of the system using any AV (irrespectively ), please clean temporary file locations / cookies prior to the scan of any substantial size. That will ease the tension , so to speak, since you will not have spare files and registry entries to be scanned
You can use CCleaner for that - that will do a decent job


I have asked in the forums here about the system damage due to CAV FP’s but the DEVS said that every AV gives FP’s & so do Comodo but CAV will not detect any system files as FP’s.


Hi Naren ,

If you do believe in that - that’s your choice and your rights.

I was talking about the concept as a whole
Sure, you can believe that nothing like below will ever happen but whether it’s destroyed systems or “simple ordinary” Applications - that could be more than just a frustration

======= just a few quite recent:

and there are many, many more examples like that

Please continue using “auto-quarantine/delete”, if you want. I cannot stop you … nobody can to stop you