Comodo Showing Alerts for Closed Applications

Hi all,

Has anyone ever experienced Comodo showing alerts for application that were running before but were closed? I have experienced this problem regularly using Free Download Manager v3.9.7. I have set a very strict Firewall rule for this application and sometimes, when I have nothing being downloaded using this application, Comodo claims that it is trying to connect to the internet. Initially I thought the application is trying to call home but I have noticed that even if I close the application at this time, the Firewall alerts continue appearing. I have even tried killing the application from the Comodo alert screen (even though the application is already closed and does not appear in task manager) but the alerts continue appearing. This keeps going on until I choose to block all outgoing connections using the Comodo alert. If I don’t do this, alerts will continue appearing every once in a while for hours after the application has been closed. It seems to me that either there is some rogue process trying to hide its outgoing connections on my machine, or Comodo is somehow showing the alerts for the wrong application. Any help/comments on this topic would be appreciated.

I am using Comodo Internet Security v10.2.0.6526 on Windows 10 x64.

Do you have any other security software installed? How strict of a firewall application rule for free download manager do you use? Is it based on ports or IP address?

When you say Free Download Manager does not show up in Task manager - do you mean just tasks or also services?

No other security software is instaleld. Firewall is set to custom ruleset with alert frequency set to very high. Only outgoing connections to one trusted IP address is allowed for the application and known call-home addresses are blocked in the ruleset. Every other connection is manually allowed/blocked (without saving) from the alert generated by Comodo.

Free Download Manager is just a basic download manager, it doesn’t have a service.