Comodo should team up with and integrate AdwCleaner into CIS

Well, this one goes out to Melih in the first place, of course:

Since MalwareBytes now have hired dear “Thisisu” and somehow “friendly acquired” (well yeah, such things are possible, just listen and remember, Symantec!!! :-TD) the well known “Junkware Removal Tool” (JRT),

I just wanted to say that it’d be “more that nice” and imho quite a logical step (perhaps even HIGH TIME) for COMODO to contact AdwCleaner’s programmer and start some kind of collaboration.

Why not just make sorts of an agreement with it’s programmer and integrate AdwCleaner as a small and convenient additional CIS module? So every user would finally be able to decide if he / she wants his / her compy to get rid of all that PUP stuff?
Wouldn’t change / affect the SIZE of CIS’ installer that much, right? :wink:

Well, just a thought, yet, the moment I’m asking for such a thingie might not be that inappropriate in the end, I thought.

Cheers, REBOL. :slight_smile:

PS: Who’s on my side regarding this? 8)

I am not knocking your suggestion, but IMO team ups to often back fire. :-TD
I say no, sorry.

Kind regards.

:-TU not bad idea
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