Comodo should really block exploits if this is somehow possible...

My personal opinion is that Comodo should block exploits like Kaespersky does, because if I remember it correctly only Kaspersky and Norton block exploits (I saw this in PC Mag), but not Comodo:

“To test Comodo’s exploit protection I attacked the test system using 30 exploits generated by the Core IMPACT penetration tool. Like ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2012, Comodo didn’t actively block any of these at the network level and also didn’t block their attempts to drop files on the test system. Only the fact that the test system was fully patched prevented it from being compromised. Norton, by contrast, detected every exploit at the network level and identified most by name.”

Comodo should also block exploits on the network level.

I’m not an expert on anything, so I’ll leave the answer to experts.
Big thanks for your time and patience.

First of all, you have posted your thread on the wrong section :wink: This is false positive reports section…