Comodo should lie to cookies

Comodo should provide false data to cookies, false everything. The internet has become so intrusive into users private information that far too much is gleaned from copying caches which can include financial and site visits, to the contents of user created documents. Windows was created as a network tool to record corporate users every move, but on the internet this amounts to giving up too much information. Comodo should simply and absolutely provide absolutelly worthless data to any and all cookie requests and that includes any and all data the cookie asks for. I’d like to see a conversation that would talk abou this issue. The data collected by cookies is almost always used against the user, the consumer, the citizen.


And I’d add that it should lie to more than just cookies, but any mode of requesting personal data, except the login user name and password for that site only.

You can block cookies in your webrowser.

In firefox;;

Tools → options → privacy

Like Kyle said, you can set your browser (at least Firefox) to not accept cookies. Then you can add sites to the Exception List, in case they require cookies to work properly (most sites that you log in to uses cookies).