comodo should fix 304 before it asks for support from its users

Or you could go out on the limb and fix all the bugs in the new release and make it work like it used to prior to .304 …and I for one would be willing to support development with a donation.

In other words I think that you guys should concentrate on a finished,reliable product first. Then it would be appropriate to ask for support from us.

We just arent satisfied with the latest release at all and for the most part ,I am not feeling to supportive when my internet security is down.
Huge,huge mistake for a business that claims to be among the best in internet security and wants to remain there.

Just my opinion though

Can you tell us exactly what the problem is so that we can help you. (Can you be specific about the problems you faced with your system details with what apps you are running etc, especially other security software etc)…

thanks and we look forward to helping you.